What Media’s Innovators are Saying About the Future of Media

IGNITION 2011 conferenceRecently, I attended Business Insider’s IGNITION 2011 “Future of Media” conference in New York City. The Tweets below give you a feel for what media and digital media executives, venture capitalists, and other insiders are saying about the state of media, and more importantly, where they think it is going.

The line-up included big names like Sheryl Sandberg (COO Facebook), Glenn Beck (now owner of Mercury Radio Arts), and Mark Cuban. Some of my favs were Alex Kazim (CEO, Ongo), David Siminoff (VC; Founder, Shmoop.com), George Kliavkoff (CEO, Manilla), Kevin Ryan (CEO, Gilt Groupe), John Battelle (Federated Media), and of course Henry Blodget is always great. A number of people said it was the best conference they had been to in a while, I would agree — the speakers and networking opportunities were solid.

Read the coverage by Business Insider >>
View the Speakers list (some names referenced in Tweets below) >>

And here you go… a digital media conference experienced via Tweets…

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