Google Search Results Increasingly More Social

Google continues to make its search results more social.  Case in point, if I do a search for “digital content marketing” the following appears on page one of Google’s search results page:

google search result

What is interesting, is that it is picking up my personal Twitter account instead of my business account while I am logged into my business Google account (email, +, etc) and business Twitter account.  Nevertheless, it knows who I am and can associate my Twitter account.

Here is what Google says about this social connectedness with search results:

By connecting your accounts from social sites to your Google Account and Google profile, you can expand your social connections, improve your search results, and improve the results of others.You can either connect an account to your Google Account only, or to your Google Account and Google Profile.

So what does this mean to you as a business owner and online content marketer?

It means your web presence beyond your website is even more important, especially your presence on major social sites like Twitter.

It means your effort on, for example, Twitter has a multiplier effect.  In this case, your efforts on Twitter impact search results.

It means the more connected you are online, especially through major sites like Twitter, the greater the positive impact you can have on your online marketing.  Your online network may see their search results skewed toward your favor.

In other words, broadening your web presence, making it more active, and increasing your connectedness online not only have an impact in their respective areas, they feed off each other to create a larger overall impact.  Another case of 1+1=3.

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