Secrets to Getting More From Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the driver of inbound marketing. The more content you have the more chance there is of a prospective customer finding you. Content marketing gives you another outlet for your keywords and a way to keep someone on your site and coming back to your site because you have positioned yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

That establishes the importance of content marketing, but developing and writing new pieces takes an enormous amount of time. Time that, as a small business owner, you may not have. But there is a secret that can save you time and still produce fresh content for your site.


Take any piece of content and make it over to use again in another capacity. Tweak an article to become a blog post. Use a powerpoint presentation as the basis for an e-book. Take the content you already have and use it to create more content without the extra research and writing.

You can also approach this by planning to use a large piece of content as the basis for multiple smaller ones from the beginning.

For example, write a white paper about a trend in your industry. That white paper can serve as a source for:

  • blog posts
  • brochures
  • articles
  • Tweets
  • forum discussions
  • webpage content
  • sales collateral
  • press releases
  • emails

I’m sure you can think of more ways to reuse the content in that white paper that you slaved over or paid big bucks to have written.

Or you can work from the bottom up by taking a series of blog posts about a topic and reworking them into an e-book. The same can be done with multiple articles that can come together as a presentation, the script for a video, or the basis for a new white paper.

Take old material and update it. If your industry sees a lot of change, this can keep you on the cutting edge without the need to create a completely new piece. Become the one everyone links to because you are the best resource for your business. Map content to the various levels of the sales funnel and let it drive your lead nurturing program.

Having fresh content and multiple outlets for your keywords also strengthens your SEO practices. No single piece of content should have keywords stuffed into it. Instead, think of your overall content as a lake with your keywords swimming in it. The more content, the bigger your lake. The more keywords in your overall content lake, the better the chances are of catching your prospect by hooking them from their web search.

While the concept of repurposing content is quite simple, actually doing it effectively can become complex and even tedious.

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