Is Klout important for inbound content marketing?

Even new, high tech companies and the people that embrace all kinds of new technologies can get a bit of fatigue with all the new social networks out there. We have to constantly evaluate to see if the new thing coming along is the next Facebook or the next MySpace.

And viewed through the lens of analyzing inbound content marketing efforts, we need to know if these newbies are worth the effort.

The one that seems the most on the bubble at this moment is Klout, which puts itself out there as a way to measure social media influence. You may not even know it, but you may have a Klout score right now.

There’s lots of debate about how accurate the score is, and there’s lots chatter about if that score can be “gamed.” The question here, however, is if it’s worth it to pay attention to that score?

The people from Klout, of course, think that you should. We recently tweeted a link to this story, which the CEO of Klout says you can use a good Klout score for “Fame, Fortune, and Perks.”

It’s not clear that you really can get any of those three because of a good Klout score, but the Klout score may reflect the fact that you’ve already achieved some level of social media fame.

The key metric for Klout, unsurprisingly, is the creation of new content. “We believe that every person that creates content has influence,” the CEO said in that same story.

So for your inbound content marketing, content is, and always will be, the king, no matter what new tools come along to measure or spread the influence of that content.

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