Repurposing Content: A Key Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve got great content lined up for your website or blog, and now all you have to do is publish it and get the word out. A primary concern for small businesses when marketing their content is how to maximize its effectiveness. How do you measure the impact? Your basic calculations might include the number of people that you reach and how many respond in a positive manner to your outreach. In other words, they take action.

For more successful content marketing, it can help to repurpose your content. According to this recent article, there are two reasons:

  1. People have different learning styles. Some are strictly visual learners while others learn by discussing issues. Keep in mind that many people today are used to the nearly instantaneous availability of information online, and they seek information that’s written or spoken in short blurbs.
  2. You might have to reach out to various demographic groups and appeal to different audiences. Perhaps you want to target a particular age group. Tweaking one of your best informational pieces can help you approach your intended audience from a different angle.

Here are some specific tips for repurposing your existing content:

  • Transform your written work to video. If you provide a service, create a video with customer testimonials or a simple demonstration of your service’s best features. If you sell a tangible product, highlight its advantages over the competition. People love to learn how to do things; “how to…” is one of the most common search terms online. A short instructional video could make all the difference to someone who’s undecided about buying your product.
  • Create podcasts or audio books from your content. The technology is readily available and easy to use. A small amount of effort here can go a long way toward increasing traffic to your small business website.
  • Include interviews and guest posts on your blog to incorporate some fresh perspectives. Interviewing an expert in your field can provide valuable information to your customers and establish your site or blog as the “go-to” resource.
  • Design a slideshare or infographic from your most useful data. There are several programs available to help you, especially if you don’t have an in-house graphic designer.
  • Reach more potential readers by adding your blog content to an email newsletter and vice versa. Furthermore, you can cover all of your media bases by publishing your content online and in print materials.
  • Finally, compile blog posts with related themes into comprehensive guides or e-books. Offering them for free at first is a great way to attract subscribers. If you decide to sell them, you can increase your revenue through paid subscriptions and book purchases.

Repurposing your content using one or more of the methods listed here can greatly enhance your effectiveness at reaching potential customers. That translates into increased traffic and higher sales! If you’re ready to get started, contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your inbound content marketing strategy.

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