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Content marketing is more than throwing keywords around within an article or blog post. The main goal of content marketing is to draw customers in.  There has to be a reason for the use of each keyword. When you create your post, be aware of your title. Chose competitive and specific keywords that pertain directly to the subject of your post.

Your product or service must be presented in a well planned and worded post. If they like what they read, they will decide if they wish to click a link to obtain more detailed information. Make a list of all pertinent data that must be included. Choose those words that pin-point the subject the strongest and make these your keywords.

When writing your post, imagine that you are having a casual conversation with your prospective customers in your post. You want to ease them in, not put them off. How many of you are impressed with the business owner who brags about their product without really giving you any real information. Some tips in presentation are listed below.

  • Do not overload your readers with your introduction.
  • Do not try to impress them with lots of details. That will come later. You have to get their attention first.
  • Be open on your site for questions and make sure you answer them.
  • Using bullets is a nice way to get more information out front in an easy to digest format.
  • If applicable, a simple video may be a good tool.
  • Use simple, to-the-point language, not vague terminology.
  • If technical terms are used, define them briefly.
  • Be direct, do not talk in circles.

The main ingredient throughout the whole post should be value. Create a solid title for your product or particular post. Something too such as this title, “See our product before you buy!” will not draw customers in. The use of a title that states clearly what it is will bring people in. In contrast to the title above look at this one, “5 Reasons a Davis (product) is your best buy”.   It gives the name of the business and the type of product.  Right there, they know what they will find.

Another good option is to have something free they can take away, such as a technical datasheet that can be downloaded in PDF format. You could have multiple images that show your product from several angles available for download. A video can be used as a tutorial for the application or use of the product.

If you are aware that there are certain questions that often arise in the area of your business, you could do a series that addresses these common problems–from septic tanks to air conditioners all the way to life insurance and repairing bicycles.

Content marketing is an ongoing happening. It must be kept fresh, up to date. Contact us to learn about how we can bring this action to your site.

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