Small Business Online Marketing: Building Blocks for Your Business

You want to draw people to your business. You have gone through the regular advertising route and had some success, but you keep hearing the term, “small business online marketing.”

How can this help bring more customers to your business? It could simply be the fact that you are unfamiliar with it. Let’s break it down into steps. First, you must look at what you want to say. Choosing the all-important keywords that you feel best describe your business.  Then you start to add details and putting it all together.  Online marketing is not a one-time event. It is a continual effort to bring customers to your website or blog.

Instead of one long post, there must be ongoing input in the form of smaller posts. These posts will present your business from different angles. You will show the overall scope of your business… one post at a time. Reading long articles, in any format, is not a common pastime anymore. People are drawn to short, to-the-point, articles that give them the specific information they are interested in.

How do you attract them to your site? It is through keywords. Keywords do not always work by themselves. Sometimes it is a phrase that catches their eye. When people search online for something specific, they do not use one word. They use a phrase that specifically states what they are looking for.

If the title of the post has that particular phrase or something very similar, you are a winner. Then the phrase is used within the post along with other keywords that enhance the subject.  Your keywords must be chosen carefully and used with restraint. An overload is not good. That is frowned upon by the Google search engines. Search engine optimization is the key to success.

Alright, so far we have mentioned posts and keywords. Next you must create links. Within your site, you may have an in-depth article on a particular subject. The smaller post will grab the attention of the reader and a link will take them to the in-depth article. If that long article had been out front, it may not have caught the interest of the reader. It is the smaller post that grabs their attention. Once this happens, you can take them to where they can read more detail on the subject. At this point they are ready for the details.

Some links may take them to a manufacturer’s site or elsewhere, for that technical data. You do not have to have it all within your site. Manufacturers love it when their site is reached through links from people they do business with.

This is the beginning where you first Build, then you Engage and finally you Convert your readers to becoming your customer. Oh, one last point, quality. You cannot just post a multitude of articles with keywords and links. There has to be quality. The posts must have substance and proper presentation.

Right now you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Writing good posts, using the proper keywords and phrasing does not come naturally to all. Contact us and we will help you develop your online marketing plan to bring more customers your way.

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