How to Market My Small Business Online: Be Real for Your Customers

What have you done that is UNIQUE to sell yourself to your prospective customers?

This is the question Marcus Sheridan asked on his blog the Sales Lion earlier this year. People like to know who they are doing business with. As Sheridan mentions, “This is why Papa Johns uses their owner, “Papa John”, in all their commercials.” It gives their business a real identity. This is the first step in how to market your small business online.

If you are running a down-to-earth business, it would not make sense to put out advertising that comes across as ‘highbrow.’ Let your customers know just who you are. Use language in your blog that is true to you. Look at the top advertising campaigns that keep that winning persona delivering their message for as long as it is accepted. Yes, some are cartoons and some are bigger than life people, but they fit the business. They set the mood and bring out the qualities desired. You will see the gecko speaking for Geico, as well as the up-beat Progressive Insurance gal. These campaigns reach the consumers. Tony the Tiger still speaks out for Frosted Flakes and even has his own page!

Creating a mascot like Tony is not always easy. Do not be modest, be yourself. Use photos. Create a video. YouTube is free and while the final result may not equal a Hollywood production, that is not its purpose. You could demonstrate your product; give some information about yourself, your product or services, give the customers a tour of your place of business. This is one way of saying “This is me, come over and let us discuss your needs.

Sending out a clear to-the-point message is best. Do not clutter it up with too much information. People want to be able to understand exactly what it is you are offering them. They want to know what your service is without a lot of pondering. Their lives are full of too much information to begin with. They are seeking quick results for a special need. They want the answer for that specific problem, NOW.

Blog posts that cover specific points of your service and encourage customer interaction will start bringing people to your business. Have testimonials posted.  Give examples of how you handle certain situations. This is where that video may fit in.

Another quote from Sheridan about the importance of your projected image for the consumer.

Remember, if you’re trying to develop a “personal” relationship with a client, the time to start is NOT when you first meet face to face or even talk on the phone the first time.

You know who you are, but are not sure how to get it across.  Contact us, we will help you ‘find’ yourself online.

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