How to Market My Small Business Online

With the rise of internet usage, many small businesses are harnessing the power of connectivity to reach their customers. According to HubSpot, an astounding 79% of Americans use the internet. Reaching potential patrons has proved to be a business all in itself, though.

Surprisingly, web-based email usage is on the decline. This means that contact with customers through email subscriptions and newsletters might not be as effective as previously thought. This places higher importance on websites that are set up as a hub to attract visitors through their everyday internet explorations – i.e. search engines, social media and other blogs.

The answer to many companies’ quandary lies simply in becoming more active with the online community. For example, to grab the attention of the general public, create media. Make a video, infographic, post pictures or make a downloadable guide or ebook. Establish that your business is exciting, committed and easily accessible.

If you take advantage of Twitter or Facebook, aim to be more personable. Customers appreciate a break from constantly hearing sales pitches, and creating an online rapport on social media could lead to customer reviews and word of mouth recommendations.

Finally, join discussions on forums that relate to your business or on blog comments. Question and answer websites like Quora can also be helpful. Get involved with others who share your passion and offer insight.

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