“Inbound Marketing:” Not Seeing Can Be Believing

Grandma may have been one who had to “see it before she’d believe it”, or buy it, but with the evolution of technology, this is no longer the case.  A business’s potential marketing base can be as small as a locale or as big as the world-wide web!

Successful businesses and their customer base have learned the value and expediency of using web tools to obtain the products and services that they need.  They depend on on-line catalogs, product reviews, public forums, and the opportunity for product and price comparison to make sound decisions about purchases.  The effectiveness of outbound advertising, although still yielding positive results, seems to be waning in the face of the new marketing strategy of “inbound marketing”.

Gone are the glory days of “as seen on t.v.” credibility, the hard sell, and the cold sell methods.  With tighter budgets, less cash flow, and the need to buy smart, consumers are seeking companies that they feel they can trust.  Inbound marketing communicates to clients that the business wants to help them to be able to make informed and sound decisions about what products and services to purchase.  Building this kind of trust into a business relationship will produce long term business rapport.  It is a viable and effective way to make money through the use of communication without the sales pitch thus building a healthy and profitable level of trust and respect with a prospective client, even before that person becomes a paying customer.  Customers will follow if they see that you are providing information to benefit them in the decision making process in an effort to insure that they are getting what they need from the products or services you are offering.  To a prospective customer, this is an indicator of confidence, quality and pride in the products you are offering which will make them willing to pay a little bit more than what your competitors are asking. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

Of course, for inbound marketing to be successful, there must be a marketing plan that includes all possible outlets for exposure of your products and services.  Most businesses have a home.  The value in having a locally based company to create and manage your content marketing is priceless. They will have a knowledge of the locale and audience, be abreast of timely happenings in the area that may affect (positively or negatively) your ability to sell, will provide SEO and the ability to link to all forms of social media and other digital technologies.

When working with a digital marketing agency to make a website, they should:

  • Design to sell, but in a way that prospective clients do not feel pressured to buy.  People prefer to make their own decisions about affecting their bottom line over being pressured to make a purchase.
  • Highlight the advantages of what you are offering while developing a sense of trust between you and the viewer.
  • Put your logo and information in a prominent place.  The presentation of your information is the first thing a prospective client will see so it must be targeted and appealing to the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Feature branded products if you have them by putting them up front for everyone to see.
  • Provide payment system icons
  • Provide social media links
  • Include a phone number someone can use to talk to a “real” person who is knowledgeable about your products or services.
  • Include any certifications or awards and provide “trust marks” so that prospective clients will know that their information is secure.

All of these factors will combine to provide you with the kind of exposure that will grow your reputation in the business world and increase your bottom line. Contact us for more information about how you can use this marketing technique to expand your business’s potential.

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