scott-100Scott Rodgers
Owner & Digital Marketing Engineer

For the past 10 years, Scott has enabled organizations to leverage their content online to achieve business goals.

As media, advertising and the web experienced significant change from 2001-2009, Scott helped local media navigate the evolving space and capitalize on the online opportunities. That experience has involved bridging traditional media with digital media, creating and growing online properties, enhancing audience engagement, creating solutions for advertisers, and watching trends for relevance to an evolving media, marketing and advertising landscape.  Scott’s digital media career spans local radio, television and newspaper, the local and corporate levels, and technology, operations, product, marketing and sales roles.

Past positions have included the Webmaster for Rally Software in Boulder, Digital Sales Manager for 9NEWS/Gannett in Denver, Director of Product Development for Journal Interactive, the online division of Journal Communications based in Milwaukee, Manger of Interactive Media Operations and Interactive Marketing Manager for Journal Broadcast Group, Web Director for Entercom Communications in Denver and Webmaster for Emmis Communications in Denver.

Scott believes many of the principles used by local online media can also be applied to any organization’s web presence and marketing efforts.  In short, every company is a media company.  It is this in-depth and varied perspective that makes Accendo Digital unique.

Scott graduated from St. Olaf College with a BA in Chemistry and minors in Management and Asian Studies; although, it was his use of the web that would most shape his future.  Funny how what started as simple emailing via PINE and browsing for the latest Colorado ski snow report via Telnet (remember?  tab, tab, enter) fostered a career in a fast growing industry.

Scott grew up with a family business and today strives to help businesses grow through smart use of the web.

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Accendo Digital has a team of seasoned associates and partner vendors that we incorporate into projects when their resources are required.  This approach allows us to match each project with quality talent while at the same time controlling your costs.

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