Select from two approaches: An advanced system to realize your potential, or a starter system to put you on a foundation for growth.

Advanced: Business Web Marketing System (Your Inbound Content Marketing Engine)

The Business Web Marketing System has everything a small business needs to build and engage their audience online.  It is best suited for businesses that want to take control over their marketing online through content marketing, organic search engine optimization, and email marketing.  We give you the platform, tools and guidance to have a successful ongoing online marketing machine that builds value the more you work it.  Stand out from other businesses online, take control, and engage your customers.

It includes a complete Inbound Content Marketing engine…

  • Your Website (marketing hub)
  • A Social Media Presence
  • Email Marketing System
  • GoogleApps (email, calendar, intranet)
  • Our Guidance

…and is architected by a seasoned online media & digital marketing strategist to best fit your needs and budget.

Starter: Business WordPress Website

Accendo Digital creates professional and affordable websites that utilize the WordPress platform, which allows for easy content management, has add-on functionality, and has inherent SEO benefits. If you want to start simple, this is the way to go as it will allow you to gradually expand your web marketing system in the future. We specialize in websites for small businesses, local businesses, and individuals such as thought leaders, personalities and consultants. Benefit from our experience of managing big traffic TV and Radio websites, at a small business price.

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WordPress Websites for Small Business

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