Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a worthwhile investment that will attract targeted visitors to your website.  We offer one-time services like an SEO audit as well as program services that span multiple months and improve upon incremental results as we move you up the search rankings.  Rates start as low as $500.

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SEO Website Audit

An SEO audit provides your company with a plan to improve elements of your website in order to improve your search engine rankings. The SEO audit may include: SEO competitor analysis, on-page site analysis, and off-page analysis.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization invovles optimizing pages ON your website in order to improve your search engine rankings.  We identify the keywords that consumers use to find your product or service.  Then we build a plan to improve how Google et al see your website, and execute on the plan.  And of course, we keep you involved in the process along the way.

Local SEO

If the local customer is your only customer, local search engine optimization is critical. We help you appear consistently on search engines and then compete against your local competitors online.

Link Building

Having quality links to your website is an important part of SEO success.  It is also time-intensive and a highly specialized process, which is why many firms choose to outsource it.  We use a number of methods to bring quality links to your site, including link bait, online directories, content distribution, press releases, and negotiated links.

SEO Copywriting

The words on your website impact how search engines rank your website as well as the actions of your web visitors. SEO Copywriting Services maintain or improve the readability of your website’s copy while also improving it to yield better search rankings. The search engines and your web visitors will thank you for it.

Paid Search Marketing

Have you burned through your free $50 Google AdWords credit?  If so, you may realize how inefficient campaigns can cost you extra money, and leave opportunities untouched.  Let our paid search expert manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and be accountable for your results.

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